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203k for everyone

Consulting Services

Consulting services assure that all HUD minimum standards are met. The consultant incorporates client desired improvements with improvements which the Consultant believes will enhance the home.

Plan Review

Plan review services ensure the completeness of the submitted documents and that they accurately reflect the proposed work, including the repair of all health and safety related items.

Fee Inspection

Fee inspection services assure that the proposed repairs are made and that the finished structure is substantially the same as that upon which the commitment is based.

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The 203k loan is an FHA insured loan designed to get you the money you need to renovate the home buying OR to renovate your existing home.

Because it’s a federal program, the rules are convoluted, confusing and cumbersome (go figure). As a result, the lenders that participate in this program require a Consultant to prepare the stack of construction documents needed to underwrite the loan.
Paul is one the most experienced and reputable 203k Consultants in the Philadelphia area. He has the know-how and work experience to guide you smoothly through the process.

Because it's the cheapest money you'll ever obtain to fix up the house that you're trying to buy or you're already living in.

Mortgage rates are still amazingly low and there are just too many foreclosed and dilapidated properties out there. Those homes simply can't sell unless they will be renovated to some degree. The 203k allows the buyers to get the money they need to put equity back into a dwelling. But wait again. Along with the 'K' comes rules. . . many, many rules.